A Polite Request To The Power Walkers Of Encinitas

Posted Tue, Sep 12 by Keith from Rancho Cucamonga, CA in Ask the Community / 0 replies

  • Hey, folks! I am just hoping I can use this forum to spread the word among the Power Walking community in Encinitas.
    My wife and I visited the town last Sunday, September 10th 2017, to visit my stepdaughter who works at a restaurant.
    Whilst we were strolling along the sidewalk near the fish restaurant on the corner of I Street two power walkers approached us from behind.
    The first we knew of it was when one of them barged past my wife, bumping into her quite roughly, without either an "excuse me, please," or an apology for the collision.
    Sorry, folks, if our walking the sidewalk interfered with your "sport," but, we're perfectly entitled to do it, and, if you can't learn manners, either go someplace else to do your walking, or get a life.
    My wife is in her mid fifties, and she suffers from joint and muscle issues. How could she be expected to avoid a person approaching at speed from behind?
    Being a Power Walker does not make you the most important thing on the sidewalk, or in the world, please try and remember that!
    Like it or not, this is the impression we took home with us from Encinitas, an impression of the town in general, and those people who do Power Walking in particular.
    Let's have a little more give and take than that, shall we? I think it would help us all to get along.
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