Women's Flag Football League: Players wanted!

Posted Mon, Mar 20 by Jona from North Hollywood, CA in Leagues to Join / 7 replies

  • Looking for women interested in playing flag football for an all-female league. 4 weeks of double headers + playoffs. 8v8 contact flag football (blocking allowed, no tackling). Receivers, defenders, running backs, rushers, blockers, etc. all welcome! Create a team (ask me for a captains code so you can play for free) or join as a free agent: https://lasportsnet.com/Sport/League/Season/7305
  • Julia replied Mon, Mar 20

    Would like to join a team as a free agent
  • Jona replied Mon, Mar 20

    Great! You can register here to be a free agent: https://lasportsnet.com/Sport/League/Season/7305

    You can use this code to save $5 if you are new to LASN: Xiao2632

    Let me know if you have any questions :
  • Julia replied Mon, Mar 20

    So when I pay the fee will I for sure be on a team?
  • Jona replied Mon, Mar 20

    There's an extremely high chance you'll be on a team. If somehow you don't end up on a team, your fee will be 100% refunded :)
  • Julia replied Mon, Mar 20

  • Jona replied Mon, Mar 20

    No problem! Looking forward to having you in the league :)
  • Jona replied Sat, Apr 8

    Hey Julia, did you want to go ahead and register as a free agent? site: www.womensflag.com

    Use code Xiao2632 to save $5 off.
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