Softball Team in need of a girl Mondays or Wednesdays for Winter? Softball

Posted Fri, Dec 22 by Alexa from Downey, CA in Players and Activity Partners / 1 reply

  • I have been looking to join a softball team either Mondays or Wednesdays I am trying to get better at the sport so the more practice the better. I play outfield but I am willing to play where you might need me.
  • Jose Juan replied Fri, Dec 29

    Hi Alexa,

    If you're interested in practicing, some of softball friends and I do batting practice and some field practice on Saturday's. We're likely going to start up again after the holidays. If you're interested, let me know!

    Btw, if you haven't already, MLS has a league in Downey and you can sign up for their Free Agents list. Sometimes it helps to get picked up.

    Or what's helped me is just show up to the park when they're playing...usually there's always a team that needs pick up players, especially on their earlier games.
    They play on Rio San Gabriel, Columbus, and Apollo park. Season starts up the weekend of January 7th. Fyi...Monday's in Downey is women's teams only and on Wednesday's it's Coed.

    Hopefully this helps

    - JJ
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