Softball players wanted for Coed League... Softball

Posted Wed, Jan 3 by Coach from Hawthorne, CA in Teams and Groups / 11 replies

  • Showtime needs players on Sun, Jan 19 at 6:30 PM   Request to Join Showtime »

    Registration & League Info is available upon request!!!
  • Ryan replied Wed, Jan 3

    I am interested but what is the competition level? I haven't played in over 5 years.
  • Daniel replied Tue, Jan 16

    Is this for a one time deal or to join the team.
  • Dru replied Tue, Jan 16

    Hi coach is this for a Sunday afternoon team? What are the time schedules?
  • Ryan replied Wed, Jan 17

    If anyone is having batting practice and wants some help shagging fly balls send me a message. I need some practice fielding.
  • Dru replied Wed, Jan 17

    i'd be up for that. What days are you free?
  • Daniel replied Wed, Jan 17

    Iā??m interested to play and I have 3 friends that want to play.
  • Coach replied Wed, Jan 17

    @Daniel inbox me your email address so that I can forward you my leagues info.
  • Ryan replied Thu, Jan 18

    @Dru I'm 9-5er, so off mostly just on weekends.
  • Dru replied Thu, Jan 18

    here's my cell 562-833-5361 text me when you want to practice, i love running practice. I'm gonna be busy on Sunday afternoons come february though, i got a team in lakewood i'm on.
  • Krystal replied Thu, Jan 25

    I'm intested here's my number 310-906-7184 i played in 2years in high school and a few years when I was younger but I haven't played in a year .
  • Jovann replied Sun, Jan 28

    I am interested. 3105612645
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